Know your Dental Implants

When a tooth goes missing one has several options however, not doing anything about missing teeth is not advisable. One often thinks that people replace missing teeth for aesthetics and life can go on without that missing tooth. However, this is not the case – a lost tooth needs to be replaced to restore the functioning of the teeth, maintain the alignment of the surrounding teeth and to preserve the facial contours.

Everything you need to know about the Wisdom tooth extraction

One tooth that we are all familiar with, and mostly always associate it with pain and extraction is the Wisdom Tooth. Wisdom teeth or the third molars are the last teeth to erupt and this usually happens after you turn 18 years. These wisdom teeth are considered vestigial and don’t really have any function to perform. Therefore, with time over generations most people don’t even get all four of their wisdom teeth. 

How does good oral hygiene acts as a preventative measure against Mucormycosis

A word that has being increasingly used in today’s pandemic affected world is Mucormycosis. The popular words these days, flashing all over the news is Mucormycosis in India, Mucormycosis post COVID, especially after Mucormycosis cases are on the rise post COVID. Unfortunately, the disease is as scary as it sounds and has been rampantly spreading amongst people who have had the COVID-19 infection.

The Dental Implant Procedure – Explained Step by Step

Dental implant involves the replacement of an extracted tooth with a metal post screwed right into the bone which acts as anchor to keep the crown or the permanent dentures in place. Without the availability of dental implants, it would have been difficult to ensure effective treatment of full mouth cases or even provide a single crown restoration. The most appealing fact of dental implants is that it simulates natural teeth.

The big Choice – aligners or braces?

When one goes for orthodontia, they often find themselves at crossroads about what to choose – should they go for aligners or stick to teeth braces. Let’s take this decision off your plate by telling you that your orthodontist will be the one deciding this for you depending on the severity of your case.